Katelyn + Chris

Katelyn & Chris had the most beautiful wedding in Austin in April. Every little corner was like a dream of incredible floral and details not to mention the incredibly good-looking couple. Katelyn, Chris, and their family are truly genuine people, and we felt so honored to spend the day with them. We are so excited to have them featured on 100 Layer Cake today! Click the icon below to see the feature.

Wedding Design and Floral : The Nouveau Romantics
Venue : Barr Mansion
Video : The McKellars 


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  • Paris

    It’s been a year since we went and lived a month in Paris. We look back at that time so often, missing such a beautiful city with the most incredible food, a slower paced day, and a lifestyle that focuses more on enjoying what’s going on around you than hurrying to the next thing. This month was such a special time for us. We had an incredible gallery show when we returned from Paris last year, and we thought we would you show you our favorites. We can’t wait to return to this incredible city. Happy Bastille Day!!

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  • Amber + Ben

    “We dance even if there’s no radio. We drink at funerals. We talk too much and laugh too loud and live too large and, frankly, we’re suspicious of others who don’t.” – Chris Rose, 1 Dead in Attic, 2006 (New Orleans)

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