Ohhhh Paris, you are something magical. We went on vacation to Paris in February, and I haven’t ever been anywhere like it (Rocky went in junior high). The food was definitely some of the best food we have ever had in our lives, the wine was plentiful (and so cheap), and the streets were quaint and full of character. There was so much that we saw but so much that we still wanted to see. We stayed 3 nights in Montmartre and 3 nights in the 11th arrondissement.  We are SO thankful to our friend Stacy & Jason Gulledge for showing us around and taking us to amazing restaurants!  Before we left, we heard a lot of different opinions on Paris – some love it, some hate it.  We definitely loved it, and we WILL be back. Everything was shot on a Leica M3 or Fuiji Instax.

Ps. You can purchase prints HERE!

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