We don’t even know where to begin to tell you about this trip because of how much we encountered over the course of 12 days. Back in September, Rocky & I went with my mom, dad, brother, and sister in law to Europe. We traveled through Germany, Czech Republic, and a little bit of Poland. Our purpose for going was to see the site that my granddad’s plane went down in in World War II (he survived by parachuting out before it hit the ground) and to see the small towns in eastern Czech Republic that all of my mom’s family are from. We were all welcomed into so many homes and have so many stories of the amazing hospitality of the people, the full range of emotions we all experienced, and the unforgettable beauty of the eastern countryside. We flew into Frankfurt and rented a van, driving a total of 1500 miles during these 12 days. We stopped along the way to our destinations, staying at amazing “penzions”, and eating a ridiculous amount of meat and potatoes. Auschwitz was a few hours out of the way, but we all felt that we needed to go to see and remember the awful tragedy that was the Holocaust. We can’t begin to describe to you the emotions of sadness, anger, and somberness felt while we were there. It was a surreal experience.

Our journey took us from Frankfurt to stay the nights in Kastl, Prague, Dolní Čermná, Lanškroun, Skidziń, Trojanovice, Frenstat, Český Krumlov, back to Frankfurt. I don’t know if we will ever experience a trip like that again! The photos are a mix of film along with digital from our x100.

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