Krysta + Vince

Krysta and Vince – two of our most favorite people in the world.  These two are so, so special to us for so many reasons!  Krysta and Vince live in LA (and we take over their home every time we go there), and Krysta is a part of Big Deal Branding, the company that totally redid our brand.  We met her during that time, instantly clicked and became best of friends, and have had a the privilege of getting to know her hubby, Vince, a badass filmmaker in LA.  Seriously, when I think about how I can’t hang out with Krysta whenever I want, I get super sad.  Maybe one day we will live closer to each other – until then, Rocky and I will keep making up excuses to go to LA.

Again, some of our favorite film shots are at the bottom, and then their dogs, Henry and Neema wanted to say hello.

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